The Digital School FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Digital School?

The Digital School is the first integrated, multi-platform and accredited Arabic online school that provides flexible distance learning to students around the world.

Where is The Digital School located?

The Digital School is based in Dubai, UAE, but provides online educational services to students around the world, targeting different countries and areas over different implementation stages.

Who supervises The Digital School?

The Digital School was launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, a UAE-based foundation that combines wide-ranging humanitarian, social, development and empowerment entities and programmes. The School aims to improve access to education in the region and the world through trained experts and high-tech digital platforms.

How can I register in The Digital School?

Registration is expected to open for the first batch of students in September 2021 (Academic year 2021/2022), after the initial phase of The Digital School ends in August 2021.

Who can register in The Digital School?

Students who prefer distance learning or studying from home.
Students living in remote areas.
Students who cannot go to school due to financial, health or social factors or due to war and conflict.

Does the School impose a certain enrolment capacity?

The Digital School aims to reach one million students within the next five years (2021-2026). Since it provides online education, The Digital School will have high student capacity. Digital educational programs will be regularly updated to fit any rising number of registered students.

What is the curriculum offered at The Digital School?

The Digital School provides a rich high-tech learning experience with a curriculum benchmark in line national school systems and the latest international standards. Virtual classrooms allow students to engage with their teachers and classmates in virtual classrooms.
Through The Digital School, students will get access to live and recorded classes in math, science, Arabic, computer studies and English.

How are students graded?

Students are assessed through questions, activities, tasks and digital engagement systems. Teachers will periodically follow up student progress and ensure parents are able to reach out when necessary.

Will students receive an accredited school diploma?

The Digital School provides a digital credentials and the educational programs will be accredited by digital learning accreditation agencies accrediting schools internationally. We are also working closely with education ministries and relevant entities to establish a recognition and an accreditation model for digital education and future learning systems.

What is the “Alliance for the Future of Digital Learning”?

It is the first-of-its-kind alliance that centers on the future of the global digital education. It aims to find ways to support and advance digital education systems globally, while overseeing The Digital School’s initiatives and development across different stages.

What is the alliance’s main tasks?

– Supporting The Digital School in launching the latest educational initiatives
– Developing modern digital learning practices
– Setting future digital education frameworks